Yasmin Rahman
Yasmin loves issue-led YA with a dash of hope and humour. During this MA, she gained a reputation for killing off characters, despite only a fraction actually dying. When she’s not writing, she makes bookish fan art; her designs are sold worldwide on behalf of John Green. Her short story was published in Stripes’ anthology A Change is Gonna Come . Yasmin is represented by Hellie Ogden at Janklow & Nesbit .

About  All the Things We Never Said

Three girls. Three reasons to die.

Mehreen can’t cope with her anxiety and depression. Her Noise tells her she’s better off dead.

Cara hasn’t been the same since the car crash. She’s suffocating under the guilt of causing it, and her father’s death.

Olivia’s life seems picture perfect: she’s rich, smart and beautiful. But inside, she’s carrying a huge secret that’s drowning her.

The trio are matched together by an overbearing suicide partner website and given fifteen days to prepare for their deaths. Fifteen days to live. But what happens when they start having second thoughts? Will the website let them off that easily?

A pact is a pact, after all.