S F Bailey
Sue grew up in northern England, close to purple moorland and long, silvery beaches. Books were her earliest friends. When she was small, she made up stories and brought them to life with paper people on cardboard theatre stages. Sue has shared in the real-life stories of many children through her career in social work, and has five inspiring children of her own. Study at Bath Spa University has enabled her to fulfil her lifelong dream of writing a novel for young readers.

In 2016 Sue was awarded the Bath Spa University Undergraduate Prize for Writing for Young People. She lectures part-time in creative writing.

Her MA Novel, Snow Foal, was shortlisted for the 2017 Joan Aiken Future Classics Prize, and gained an honorary mention in the United Agents/Bath Spa Prize judging for that year.

About  Snowfoal

Addie is taken to live with foster carers on a farm, far away from her city home. She hates the winter farm, where everything is grey, dead or frozen. Addie doesn’t belong there, with selfish Sunni and the small boy who screams like a wild creature in the night. She’s supposed to be at home, looking after Mam.

But no one is listening. No one understands. No one except a tiny wild foal, found all alone in the icy moorland drifts. He needs his mam, too.

And whatever the dangers, Addie is going to take him back to her …