Rebecca Langton
Rebecca is a children’s literary scout, freelance editor, book reviewer and professional plate spinner. After studying history at Cambridge and then undertaking a PGCE and a master’s in children’s literature, Rebecca realised it was time to join the real world and moved to London - where the world of children’s publishing provided a soft landing.

Rebecca’s short story The Circus came second in The Caterpillar Magazine’s short story competition, and was praised by author Mark Lowery in the Irish Times as a ‘truly exceptional piece of story-telling’ with an ‘exquisite lightness of touch’.

Beyond writing, Rebecca is a fan of long distance running, podcasts, ghost stories and true crime. But above all things she loves lolloping dogs, winter beaches and hot chips, preferably all at once.

About  Featherweight

Feather hates Fennloch. It won’t stop raining, Mumma’s boyfriend gives her the creeps and she and her little brother Fox are sleeping on a sofa bed that reeks of wet dog.

Then Feather meets Skye. Weird, tempestuous, hot-headed Skye. For the first time ever Feather feels like she might have made a real friend.

Then something terrible happens. Skye disappears and strange messages start appearing around Fennloch. Messages that Feather knows are meant for her.

Feather must fight. Fight to reveal the truth. Fight to get justice in a town where boys will be boys and girls are asking for it. Fight to save her life.