Rebecca Fishwick
Rebecca was born in Kent and studied classics at university. She taught English in Thailand for a while, where she decided that she had better get on with the business of becoming a writer and so applied to the MA at Bath Spa. She’s now back in Kent, working on her big book about the Trojan War, and working in the city.

About  Short Fall  

Harry’s life is over. His father has been arrested, and life as he knows it is spiralling to an end. Travelling back to school after days of police raids and interrogations, he runs into his best friend, Jasper, on the train. But Harry hasn’t left home empty-handed. He has his father’s handgun, along with a whole lot of stolen cash. Returning to school in the middle of the night, Harry and Jasper find themselves the cause of an accident that flings them out into the world, and off on the run.

Harry doesn’t want to face up to his actions. He doesn’t want to get caught. But that would make him just like his dad. Wouldn’t it?