R F Huxley
Rachel Huxley grew up in Canada, where her best friend was the daughter of a refugee. Following a transatlantic move, she spent fifteen years as a lawyer. She’s now settled in England, in a village within a city, with her partner, the grandson of a refugee. She spends her time watching YouTube, painting graffiti and getting handcuffed - all in the name of research. She has a BA in English literature and an MA in writing for young people from Bath Spa University.

About  Through the Valley

I’m leavin’ Kingdom.

I’m headed away from the Anointed, away from men who invoke the name o’ the Lord like He’s their own personal mascot.

Away from men who wanna turn Caleb into a killer.

Sixteen-year-old mixed-race Ziah wants to save her white half-brother Caleb from the extremists who have destroyed their lives in near-future small-town America. Ziah drives north, in the hope of finding them a new life in Canada as refugees.

But America is at war with itself, Canada is a long way from home - and Caleb’s only four years old. Will Ziah get them to safety before a secret unravels everything?

And will it be worth the price?