Natalia Markland
Natalia Markland grew up in Soviet Russia, studied English at Moscow State University and now lives in London with her husband and three children. A lifelong fan of science fiction, she always dreamed of writing her own sci-fi novel.

About  Tomorrow Starts Yesterday

Kill or be killed. Is there no other way?

For years, humans have searched space for alien life. Instead, we could have pieced together clues of its existence right here. By looking closer, we would realise that three hundred and fifty years ago we shared our planet with another race, the Azori, before they were forced to leave. Where are they now? Why can’t we remember them?

Seven teenagers, each representing a different continent, are told the truth. Together they must decide how to deal with the Azori fleet now headed for us, wanting revenge. But every plan the group can devise has been tried on alternate versions of Earth. Each one has failed.

Matt Payne is used to beating impossible odds. Can we put our faith in a wild card with his own agenda?

Tomorrow Starts Yesterday is an eighty-thousand-word sci-fi adventure aimed at young adult readers.