Max Boucherat
Here’s some of what Max has gotten his younger siblings to believe at one point or another:

  • Cobblestones are actually troll eggs.
  • Dad used to make him sweep chimneys, and the soot is why his hair is dark.
  • He is a hundred and fifty years young.

Frankly, Max needs to brush up on his brother skills.

In the meantime, he puts his imagination to good use by writing fantasy adventures for ages ten plus. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make up for the fib he told about slime monsters turning children into slime monster babies. Yuck.

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About  The Thief of Dreams

After their mother’s death, Mia and her older brother, Zach, move to a place south of friendship and in the heart of loneliness. Mia doesn’t know if she has the courage to make new friends. Zach’s the only one who understands her.

Then Zach is kidnapped by Astrid, a unicorn who runs a Dream House deep in the Spirit Realm: a palace where gods and monsters come to experience the finest hand-crafted dreams, and where Astrid’s rule is absolute.

Mia refuses to leave Zach to his fate. But it’s going to take all her courage, and help from a mysterious bird-girl, to stand any hope of rescuing her brother …