Lucy Tallis
Lucy lives in Bristol with her family, a zoo of animals and a library of musical instruments. She has been a teacher all her life. Other than her main subject - maths - she’s taught dance, creative writing and she’s even turned her hand to the piano.

Growing up in a bustling city, but descended from country folk, Lucy yearned for the freedom of the countryside. Disobeying her parents, she climbed tall trees and looked towards the horizon. When Lucy writes, she likes to remember the stubborn character she was as a child: the child who said no to authority, who saw things further afield, who just needed to work out how to get there.

About  Chicken Boy

Jethro’s really messed up. He wants to lose his virginity off his home turf. Best friend Rowen discovers her boyfriend’s done the dirty; she wants to get the hell out of the city. A perfect union. The two friends take a road trip down a muddy lane. It’s chaos and craziness, humour and pain. Jethro finds Anna: gorgeous and seductive, but dangerous. He has to run away. Then there’s Harriet: bold, brave and driving Jethro to distraction. Chicken Boy follows Jethro through the final break before university. It’s abject madness, but he learns a lot about himself and who he wants to become.