Lesley Parr
Lesley was born in South Wales, at the bottom of a valley just across from a river and quite near a seaside steelworks. Now she lives in the middle of England (almost as far from the sea as it’s possible to get) with her husband and their cat, Angharad, who likes to get in the way when Lesley is writing.

Lesley has worked as a nanny, a shop assistant and a primary school teacher. These days she shares her time between supply teaching and writing. Lesley is strongly influenced by growing up in an industrial town. In her work she explores the beauty that exists in the landscapes of the dark industries of Wales.

Lesley is represented by Amber Caraveo at Skylark .

About  Hollow
Britain 1939. War. Evacuation.

London lad Jimmy is sent to a South Wales mining village. Forced to live with strangers in a green and quiet place, he feels lost.

Then he finds a human skull hidden in a hollow tree.

Who put it there? For what reason? With younger brother Ronnie and new friend Florence, Jimmy sets out to discover the secrets that lie with the skull.

As Jimmy pieces together the truth, those secrets, as long hidden as the bones, rise to the surface …