Kel Duckhouse
Kel Duckhouse started her writing career as a page and performance poet. She is a working-class girl, born and bred on the estates of East London and has dedicated much of her working life to helping young people from similar backgrounds. Having not seen much of her working-class self in the books she read as a child and as a teacher, she decided to write a story that did just that. When she is not writing, she fights social justice causes, goes on adventures and dyes her hair pink.

Kel is represented by Julia Churchill at AM Heath .

About  Tyrannosaur

I’ve only ever wanted to be a boxer,

but Dad never let me.

Then my big bro Denny gave me a pair of red gloves

and I was like,        

        This is it.   
My time to show e-v-e-r-y-one.

Cos who says boxing ain’t for girls anyway?

Losing this fight wasn’t an option.