Kate Wilkinson
Kate studied English and drama and went to work at BBC Radio 4 in her twenties.  Her first job was to write stories for preschool children who tuned into Listening Corner.

She then became a radio producer for many years, recording everything from boiling spaghetti to a poet in a broom cupboard. It was a joy for the most part, but she wanted to get back to writing stories rather than recording them.

The idea for Edie Winter and the Box of Flits came to her because in London, where she lives, she spends so much time hanging about on station platforms that she passes the time imagining a parallel world of small people who inhabit the underground.

About  Edie Winter and the Box of Flits

Eleven-year-old Edie Winter is lonely. Dumped by her friends as she makes the tricky transition to secondary school, she decides to spend half term helping her dad at the Transport for London Lost Property Office.

Edie is intrigued by a wooden box that was found abandoned on the Bakerloo line. Inside she discovers Impy, a tiny, thumb-sized person with wings.

Impy needs a home for her family and someone to help her find her rebellious brother, Jot, who has gone missing in the underground.  Set in contemporary London, Edie Winter and the Box of Flits is about being lost and found.