Jo Pestel
Jo was born in a little, historic city in Ireland, and brought up on Irish myths and Grimms’ fairytales. As a child, she played among the ruins of a neglected Viking watchtower, squeezing past the ‘Danger. Keep Out.’ sign. Her city had crumbling walls, seven churches with tolling bells and the tower where Strongbow married Eva. The past was always present.

After studying Irish and Latin at University, she had four children, taught for years at a north London comprehensive, ran a teashop and worked as a hospice ward assistant. She’s had poetry anthologised and published in various magazines, and several nonfiction articles in Irish Tatler. The Night Writer is her first story for young people.

About  The Night Writer

The time is 586 AD. The place is Ireland.

Cahal’s passion is to draw and colour; his father’s vow forces him to live in the monastery of Clonbray.

Cahal is desperate to work on Clonbray’s greatest treasure - a vellum Book with illustrations – the only Book of its kind in Ireland. Instead he has to spend long, lonely hours toiling in the fields. When Columba - monk, artist, prince and Clan ally - comes to Clonbray and arranges for Cahal to work in the Scriptorium, Cahal helps him defy the abbot, and secretly copy the book at night.

But then Columba demands a price Cahal cannot pay …