Jay Giebus
Jay grew up in Pennsylvania surrounded by forests and shopping malls. Like all good American boys, he played baseball, pledged allegiance to the flag and wanted to be Batman when he grew up.

When he was twenty-one, Jay moved abroad. After receiving a MA in Irish literature from University College, Cork; he moved to London where he became a teacher of young children. He now lives in Bristol with his wife, three children and two dogs. When Jay isn’t writing, he teaches English and religious studies at Clifton College.

About  Fire Boy

Life isn’t easy for London’s youngest superhero, Aidan Sweeney. He’s in trouble at school, his grandmother wants him arrested for setting fires and his evil uncle is out for revenge. Will Aidan ever learn how to control his fiery powers? Can his friends, Sadie and Hussein, help him keep their powers a secret? Will he ever learn to fly? The answers to these questions and more await in Fire Boy, an adventure story about friendship, love, rare Amazonian plants and a cat named Lemon.