Helen Harvey
Helen grew up in ramshackle and unruly corners of the internet. She led a guild of magical wolf tamers, dodged flames on fan fiction sites, and devoted web pages to pixelated dogs. She therefore grew up knowing that technology gives children superpowers.

After studying English at Oxford, Helen taught creative writing to kids in farms, forests and hedge-mazes. Having completed her MA, Helen now writes for educational publisher, Twinkl.

Helen won the 2017 United Agents Prize, for the Most Promising Writing for Young People.

How to Beat the Queen of Mean  

Online, Emmy is a powerful runemaster with a catlike companion called Cinderfeet. When Emmy’s gaming video gets a front-page feature, thousands of devoted fans flock to watch her battle the Mulch Queen herself.

At school, Emmy is friendless and bullied. To Vicky and her gang, Emmy is a weirdo with bad handwriting, horrible fashion sense and no dad.

But if Emmy can take on the Mulch Queen, she can take on Vicky, too. Joining forces with all the gamers in school, Emmy sets out to beat the Queen of Mean, and to prove that she’s more than just a geek.