Harriet Devonald
Harriet is lucky enough to live on the South Wales coast, where she’s often found scribbling by the sea. She has no doubt that sandy toes and salty skin are key ingredients to her imagination.

Easily inspired, and bursting with creative energy, Harriet has produced numerous forms of writing including poetry, songs and picture books. She has her own Seizure Alert Dog, Winston, who happily listens to every draft, his head resting on her lap and his tail wagging in encouragement.

About  Winston the Winner!

Lucy doesn’t like dogs. They have claws. They growl. They have sharp teeth - and Lucy knows there’s nothing more frightening than that.

Until she has her first epileptic seizure.

Mum thinks she has the answer - a Seizure Alert Dog! 

The new dog, Winston, moves in, and he won’t leave Lucy alone. He follows her to the bathroom, he follows her to the kitchen and he follows her to her bedroom. But Lucy knows she doesn’t need him.

Then, something happens that changes Lucy’s mind …