Emma Elson
Growing up in Shakespeare’s Stratford upon Avon filled Emma’s mind with tales of the theatre and the magical world, and she began writing her own stories aged just seven. Now grown up, Emma still holds on to childlike magic and wants all her stories to fuel the adventurous side of her readers.

When she’s not scribbling in her notebook, Emma loves to snuggle up with a good book, or sing her heart out in the kitchen when no one’s listening. She spends most of her time flitting around the world, often exploring countries that might spark a new adventure.

About  Under the Velvet Seats

It’s 1940 and the blitz is in full blaze over Coventry. Bobbie feels trapped more than ever. Dad’s dead, she’s stuck in a mindless job, and her dreams of the theatre are slowly being squashed by everyone around her. As she struggles to act ‘normal’ in a country torn by war, Bobbie can’t stop thinking about the audition she found in one of her theatre articles.

She’s determined to go, but when she discovers something in the ruins of an old cinema, and the biggest downpour of bombs makes it to the city, Bobbie is suddenly left with no home, no mum and a new responsibility. There’s trouble around every corner as Bobbie struggles to make a new life for herself. Can she manage it? Or was everyone else right all along?