Emily Charlotte Ould
Emily has been writing since she was twelve years old. She grew up in Cornwall and always finds herself writing about family and falling in love for the first time. She studied creative writing at Falmouth University before going on to complete her master’s in writing for young people. She’s had short stories and poetry published, and has loved English language and publishing for as long as she can remember. She’s also a big fan of country music. On completing her MA, she combined her love of country music and writing - something she never even thought possible - and wrote Don’t Fence Me In. She finds setting hugely inspirational and often gets depressed in cities.

About  Don't Fence Me In

It’s 1989. Sixteen-year-old Bonnie Wild hates her teeny, tiny Texas hometown, Old Springs. There’s nothing there but the heat, the dust and, just like every other small town, gossip. Lots of it. Every day is just the same old, same old. So, when aspiring country singer Beau Hartley shows up at a county fair one night, Bonnie’s world is turned upside down.

But first love comes at a price.

Can she escape Old Springs with Beau in her stride and track down a father she’s never met … or will her roots keep her tied down?