Elisabeth Hewer Griffiths
Elisabeth was born in Bristol and raised on stories (and cake). She grew up loving writing in all its forms, and jumped at the chance to study on Bath Spa’s MA in writing for young people as soon as she finished her journalism undergraduate degree at Cardiff University. Fictional worlds have always fascinated her more than the real one. She writes poetry as well as prose, and her debut poetry collection, Wishing For Birds, was published by Platypus Press in 2015.

About  Cliff Edge

The island of Eddisfarne in the North Sea is not the sort of place bad things happen. Its seventeen thousand inhabitants live their lives knowing the worst thing likely to happen at night is a tree falling across the road.

But then a young girl is brutally murdered and everything changes.

Cecelia Morton, seventeen-year-old daughter of the chief of police, finds herself caught in the middle of the investigation when she befriends the victim’s withdrawn older brother, Adam.

Can she defeat her own demons long enough to help Adam with his?