Elena Andersen
Elena is Danish born and bred and, if prompted, will talk your ear off about Scandinavian myths and legends. She has spent time living in New Zealand and England, getting her high school and university degrees there. Growing up, her time was divided between martial arts, archery, horse riding, scuba diving and ignoring her schoolwork. Now, her time is divided between writing, making cosplays (she’s cool like that) and ignoring real-life responsibilities. The Vætte Child is Elena’s first novel.

About  The Vætte Child

Danish teenager Tristan hasn’t been close to his twin sister, Aida, for years and knows nothing of the secret double life she lives. But that changes when the school gym burns down and Tristan gets caught in the middle of it. Now he is attached to an ancient grave gift, and with help of his sister and her friends, must find where it belongs before the gift’s owner decides to bring havoc upon the world. On their journey, they meet bog elves, nisser and dunkelmen, creatures Tristan only thought existed in fairytales.

But this isn’t a fairytale. They have unleashed an evil even older than the Vikings and time is not on their side.