E Regina Byers
 E Regina Byers grew up in the American Pacific Northwest and has lived and studied in Canada and the UK. After enjoying a year in England completing her MA in writing for young people, she went back across the sea to New England, where she works on the publication of scientific articles about weather (while not understanding a word of them). She loves trees, mountains, animals, words, cheese and asking questions. When not writing, her favourite activity is wandering, both along city streets and down forest trails.

About  A Singing Bird Will Come

Skye can identify any tree in her city’s arboretum and shares her treeish love with her artist father. But when Dad becomes depressed, her family move to a small town by the woods. Skye has to leave her best friend behind, and even in their peaceful new home, Dad is as withdrawn as ever.

Lonely and sad, Skye explores the forest, where she makes a new friend, Silvia, a girl truly one with the woods. Silvia carries her own sorrows, and she needs Skye’s help. Together, the girls learn how to mend their hearts, finding space to grow and courage to bloom.