Damaris Young
Damaris grew up in Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. The Dream Eater emerged from her love of African mythology, and the way natural phenomenon can be personified as good or evil. She likes writing fantasy adventure stories and her favourite book is Beyond the Deepwoods by Chris Riddell and Paul Stewart. Damaris doesn’t like flying but loves to see new places, so she dreams of one day travelling on the Trans-Siberian Railway. She lives in Bristol, with her boyfriend and their two dogs, Daisy and Jack.

About  The Dream Eater
Twelve-year-old Amaya lives with her toddling brother Kaleb and Granny Uma, near a bamboo forest that is dark and deep. When Kaleb is taken by a dream-eating creature called Baqu, Amaya has three days to rescue her brother before Kaleb’s dreams are eaten up and the memory of him disappears. Attaching her axe to her belt, Amaya sets off into the forest, along with her pet goat Titan and the woodcutter’s daughter, Mally, who has her own reasons for seeking out Baqu.