Chitra Soundar
Chitra Soundar is an Indian-born British writer, storyteller and author of over twenty children’s books. As a kid, she danced in a Bollywood movie, performed on stage and disliked maths because it never added up. In the UK, Chitra is published by Walker Books and Otter-Barry Books. Her next two picture books with Lantana Publishing will be out in 2018. She is represented by Abigail Sparrow at SP Agency .

About  Tara’s Theorem of Friendship

Aswini Tara Iyengar, barely ten, brilliant at maths, besotted with Bollywood dancing, is new to London. All she wants, is to find the One Mutual Friend as per the Theorem of Friendship, and an opportunity to dance on stage without her grandmother Janu, professor of mathematics, finding out.

Tara switches teams to maths-hating, animal-crazy Millie Mehta; cheats on maths homework; and picks a fight with the studious lot - and Millie’s old friends, so she can dance a Bollywood number on stage. But things go horribly wrong when the music gets mixed up and Grandma Janu turns up in the audience. However, when Tara eventually figures out who the One Mutual Friend is, her new life in London falls into place.