Cathryn Norris
From the moment a Tintin book flew off the library shelf and into Cathryn’s arms, she discovered a thirst for travel and a love for adventure stories. When she isn’t exploring new places, she lives in Somerset with her husband, two daughters, a supercilious cat, a paranoid border collie and a Tiger Moth aeroplane.

Cathryn writes both at home and in a peaceful workplace above an art gallery. When she doesn’t write, she’s a teaching assistant in a primary school, and feels lucky to mentor children in a small writing group.

About  Tiger Moth

A light-hearted contemporary story where ordinary children have an extraordinary adventure.

Beatrice’s rivals give her a hard time at school, but life improves when her nanna buys a share in a 1930s Tiger Moth aeroplane. Bea has flying lessons and becomes an excellent pilot. Inspired by the Dunkirk Spirit, Beatrice and best friend Gabe embark on an adventure, but things spiral out of control when a trip to France doesn’t go as planned. The journey takes them into a web of intrigue and deceit. It’s a journey where the past becomes real; a journey where Beatrice discovers how strong she can be.