The editors would like to thank the following people for lending their energy, talents and efforts to the creation of the 2017 edition of this anthology.

  • Dr Julia Green, our Programme Leader, for her kind words, constant encouragement and endless pearls of wisdom
  • Professor David Almond for providing inspiration on and off the page
  • Our manuscript tutors – Janine Amos, Elen Caldecott, Lucy Christopher, Julia Green, Marie-Louise Jensen, Joanna Nadin, C.J. Skuse, Steve Voake and Anna Wilson – who championed us from the first word to the final page
  • The staff at Corsham Court
  • Gavin Bower, Project Manager
  • Nigel Robinson and Catherine Gibb and the Bath School of Art and design for providing our wonderful illustrations
  • Joanna Stronach for our beautiful cover art
  • Lesley Parr for guiding our fabulous social media team
  • Helen Harvey for single-handedly building our wonderful website
  • Yasmin Rahman and Rayan Phillips for their incredible art, design and typographic skills
  • Nizrana Farook for her eagle-eyed second reading
  • The editors of the 2016 Anthology for their wisdom and help along the way
  • The 2017 class of MA WYP writers for all their words. Here’s to many many more!

This book is for Jacqui, a much loved and much missed graduate of the MA WYP class of 2016.

Rebecca Langton and Kel Duckhouse
Editors of the MA Writing for Young People 2017 anthology
Thank you to the eleven illustrators whose fantastic work can be seen in our anthology.

  • Will Bayford - Don’t Fence Me in, November Child, The Sixes and Sevens, Tiger Moth
  • Becky Bishop - Cliff Edge, Fire Boy, The Thief of Dreams, The Vætte Child
  • Ciara Duffy - Tara’s Theorem of Friendship, The Night Writer, Tomorrow Starts Yesterday
  • Emily Hickman - Edie Winter and the Box of Flits
  • Shra Rai - A Singing Bird Will Come, Tyrannosaur
  • Lise Richardson - Chicken Boy, Featherweight, Hollow, All the Things We Never Said, Winston the Winner
  • Martyna Roszman - Children of Tomorrow, Diary of the Halal Kid, How to Beat the Queen of Mean
  • Sarah Spencer - Hartboy, The Dream Eater, The Thief of Serendib, Under the Velvet Seats
  • Ellis Wells - Short Fall, The Story Tap, Through the Valley
  • Jessica Whatley - Hattie No Name and the Queen’s Pelican, Snow Foal
  • Joanna Stronach - Cover